Romon Kimin Yang

Romon Kimin Yang - 'Rostarr' - was one of the first artists that I wanted to approach for at the beginning of the Rugged Art project. His work translates perfectly into woven designs, with amorphous patterns creating beautiful rugs, which would bring striking color and style to any room.

Doze Green

Doze joined the Rugged Art project in 2006, affirming our respect for the founding fathers of the graffiti/ street art world from which so much of our inspiration is drawn.


Turf is somewhat obsessed with Victorian-looking midgets sporting dandy facial hair, Russian icons, dead things of all sorts, carnival sideshows and seedy, vermin-infested theatre stages. Technically his paintings are reminiscent of the 15th Century Flemish Primitives.

Ryan McGinness

Ryan is a phenomenon. His amazing artworks are constantly being exhibited in different parts of the world, he runs his own branding company, publishes books both artistic and academic and even finds the time to spread his knowledge in college lectures. He is truly a genius.

Khashayar Naimanan

Khashayar Naimanan was born in 1976 in London and started a career in graffiti at the age of 15. Inspired by early graffiti writers, he became one of the few Kings of the 'London Underground' by the mid 1990's.

Zissou Limpkin

Zissou Limpkin

José Parlá

"Historically, walls have exhibited the voice of the people. My earliest paintings were made on walls at night. My thought and impulse behind the gesture was as primitive as that of cavemen marking and drawing in their dwellings to assert their existence in a place and time."

Todo Onada

I still only have a limited amount of information regarding Todo Onada. I am one of the few people who have any kind of social contact with him, and he tells me very little, even less of which is printable. Todo’s rugs are playful, and there is something friendly about them. They are made from 60-knot wool and are very hard-wearing and ideal for smaller spaces.

Yuri Shimojo

Yuri has been expressing her life through painting, drawing, writing, dancing since she was three years old.

Steve Tsang

Steve Tsang is a personal friend of mine from back in the early days. I have grown up with his stencils adding color and humor to the walls of my neighborhood. For his rug design he has used traditional Chinese motifs from textile design - the cloud brocade seen in red with a yellow outline above, but some graffiti style and incredible color. The rug uses multiple pile heights to raise sections of the pattern off the background, giving the whole piece a multi-levelled effect, which has to be seen and felt to be believed!