About Rugged Art

Rugged Art takes the work of artists, many of whom have a background in graffiti/ street art and develops designs which are then hand-woven by master weavers in Nepal into the finest quality rugs. By realising the freshest designs, lovingly hand-crafted by artisans, our rugs are the design classics of the future, built to last a lifetime.

The first principle for the project was quality. Only 100% Tibetan wool is used, with its high lanolin content making the rugs more resilient. The dyes are 100% natural, made in Switzerland. The entire process is carried out by hand using only traditional methods in the Kathmandu valley – from spinning and carding the wool through the weaving to the clipping and final washing.

Rugged Art designs are available in a limited edition of ten at any custom size required. We can also undertake custom commissions for specific projects.

For all press and sales enquiries, please contact:

Nat Turner

Email | +44 (0)7931 378 972


Rugged Art was founded in 2003 and provided the centrepiece Ryan McGinness 'Untitled' rug for the 'A New New York Scene' show at the Agnes B Galerie Du Jour in Paris in Sept 2003, showed rugs by Jose Parla, Romon Kimin Yang (ROSTARR) and Steve Tsang at a private launch on Kingsland Road in August 2005, thus becoming the first collection of graffiti/street artists work to appear on premium, hand-knotted rugs.

Further designs were then added, notably by Doze Green, Jean Labourdette (TURFONE) and Khashayar Naimanan, whose work was first showcased at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York in 2006.

Belinda International showcased Rugged Art rugs in April 2007 at their Seasonal Fruits exhibition in Sydney, Australia.

Rugged Art has been featured in Wallpaper, Elle Deco, Complex magazine and numerous blogs.


After undertaking many private commissions worldwide in 2009 a three year hiatus was taken to concentrate on other projects. Rugged Art is now relaunching in 2012, adding some fresh new designs from exciting new artists. Watch this space.