Ryan McGinness

Ryan is a phenomenon. His amazing artworks are constantly being exhibited in different parts of the world, he runs his own branding company, publishes books both artistic and academic and even finds the time to spread his knowledge in college lectures. He is truly a genius. His work is instantly recognisable, striking, humorous and precise. When I saw the design for his rug I was already excited, but to see his digital ‘multiverse’ woven into life was fantastic. Ryan took as a template the layout of antique rug designs, and has flipped it into another dimension. Take a close look at some of the motifs and symbols that appear on the rug – among them R2d2’s spanners, dancing gypsies, spermatozoa and safety-pinned soldiers. It encapsulates what rugged art is all about – a conversation between ancient skills and fresh perspectives.

I'm trying to communicate complex and poetic concepts with a cold, graphic, and authoritative visual vocabulary. I concentrate on shape, color, and composition within simplified picture planes. As such, the work resides somewhere between abstraction and representation. At the essence of our being are the need to know and the need to understand. Why are we here? What does this mean? I am interested in our desire to make sense of chaos and give meaning to seemingly abstract forms. With my work, interpretations are not absolute, but guided, allowing the viewer to bring to the work his own history, memories, and knowledge to find a personalized meaning. -Ryan McGinness

“An unusual marriage of abstraction and representation, McGinness' slick, colorful paintings consist of layers of images tidily clustered into baroque compositions.”
-Art News

“McGinness is on image overload. Among those in the MassArt mural: an upside-down castle; corporate logos; fruit that looks like testicles; a unicorn, jaunty mushrooms; and a lot of other stuff.”
-the Boston Globe

“Mr. McGinness has developed an expansive vocabulary of eccentric, vaguely familiar symbols drawn from art historical and modern vernacular sources. He layers his babble of signs in glossy paintings that call to mind Lari Pittman.”
-the New York Times

“Color and form explode from the corners of Ryan McGinness' slick, graphic mindscapes. His unique and accessible visual language is generated by his imagination and day-to-day environment. Layering images and symbols, McGinness' cacophonous microcosms express his reality as much as our own.”


Untitled by Ryan McGinness - Available in 9' x 9', 12' x 12' or 15' x 15'Untitled by Ryan McGinness - Available in 9' x 9', 12' x 12' or 15' x 15'