Steve Tsang

Steve Tsang is a personal friend of mine from back in the early days. I have grown up with his stencils adding color and humor to the walls of my neighborhood. For his rug design he has used traditional Chinese motifs from textile design - the cloud brocade seen in red with a yellow outline above, but some graffiti style and incredible color. The rug uses multiple pile heights to raise sections of the pattern off the background, giving the whole piece a multi-levelled effect, which has to be seen and felt to be believed!

London based artist Steve Tsang has been involved in the Graffiti art scene since the early 1980’s. His work came to prominence in the mid-90’s when he began to incorporate the use of household paint, stencils and spray paints in his artwork to produce urban pictorial iconographies on the streets of London.

Having had shows in London and Tokyo, today much of his work is through private and commercial commissions, working for companies such as X-Box, Nike, Saatchi & Saatchi and Box Fresh. His work has been published in “Scrawl”, “Stencil Graffiti” and “Stick ‘Em Up” and Creative Review.