Turf is somewhat obsessed with Victorian-looking midgets sporting dandy facial hair, Russian icons, dead things of all sorts, carnival sideshows and seedy, vermin-infested theatre stages. Technically his paintings are reminiscent of the 15th Century Flemish Primitives.

Kind of.

Jean Labourdette, as his mum still likes to call him, has forged a unique artistic vision and signature aesthetic over years of compulsive creation. In the late Eighties he began his journey on the streets of Paris as a graffiti artist renowned for his distinctive and surreal characters. Over the years, Jean evolved into a prolific and sought-after multidisciplinary artist working as an illustrator, comic artist, filmmaker and painter. Today, he spends most of the time painting in a messy studio that BAcon would have been proud of, sipping on espressos and beer and talking to himself.

Turf One's work has appeared all over the world and hung in such prestigious venues as Yves Laroche Gallery (Montreal), Jonathan LeVine Gallery (New York), Fuse Gallery (New York), La Halle St. Pierre Museum (Paris) and many others.